thomas J george



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Thomas J. George




To obtain an internship in the fields of Cyber Security or Computer Science



June 2017-August 2017 Intern, Army Research Labs

Job parameters still TBD.


July 2016-December 2016 Intern, the El Paso Intelligence Center

Participated in several styles of projects; Assembled a wireless network, reprogrammed the router; Training toward becoming CISSP associate with a strong emphasis on cyber security.


February 2012- November 2016 Security Guard, Sun City Security

Provided unarmed security services at the El Paso Country Club. Secured facilities for the night. Diffused situations involving members of the El Paso Country Club.


2006-2015 Computer Repair Technician,. Freelance/Volunteer

Diagnosed computer problems; Repaired damaged operating systems; Replaced broken computer parts; Built computers from scratch; Assembled computer networks; Acquired A+ certification; Learned value of self motivation, determination, and problem solving skills.


September 2002-2005 Entrepreneur, CCG Graveyard

Designed and built website to sell out of print collectable card games; Built and maintained database of thousands of cards. Acquired stock, set prices, dealt with customers. Ran registered business in the state of Texas. Learned to manage inventory, balance books, and keep stock and files well organized.


August 2002 Marketing Representative, West Telemarketing

Offered AT&T Local telephone service to customers in New York state.


July 17, 2000 - February 14, 2001 Sales/ Customer Service Representative, Echostar

Offered telephone sales of satellite television on incoming lines. Assisted Dish Network customers in understanding account, billing and product information.


1999-2000 (School Year) Library Volunteer, Salvador S. Sanchez Middle School

Assisted with sales and security for scholastic book fairs; shelved books.


1996-1998 Head Of Layout Design, Andress High School Yearbook

Was in charge of general look of Yearbook for both the 96/97 and 97/98 school years. Also sold advertisements to aid in covering production costs. Learned the necessity of Deadlines.


1995-1996 layout design, Mountain View High School Yearbook

Member of the Mountain View Yearbook Team, Helped in the Design, Creation, and Distribution of the 95/96 Yearbook: Learned the importance of teamwork



Master of Science in Program Engineering

Enrolled through Fast-Track Program

GPA not yet established.

University of Texas at El Paso


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

In Progress. Current GPA: 3.48

University of Texas at El Paso


Associates of Arts in Computer Science

May 2016

El Paso Community College

El Paso TX


High School Diploma,

July 1999

Andress High School

El Paso TX



·    Growing knowledge of Information Security         

·    Excellent knowledge of Java      

·    Knowledge of PHP, C, Haskell, Jack, and AspectJ           

·    Basic understanding of Prolog    

·    Strong mathematical skills          

·    Extremely fast learner    

·    Excellent Diplomatic skills          

·    Type approximately 45 words per minute

·    Multi-tasker       

·    Calm under pressure     

·    Strong Work Ethic          

·    Self-motivated to work hard and succeed            



●     Dr Java

●     Notepad++

●     Eclipse Neon

●     Hugs (Haskell User’s Gofer System)

●     Apache

●     Apache Tomcat

●     MyPhP


●     Xilinix ISE

●     Spartan 3E Starter Board

●     Virtualbox

●     PuTTY

●     Centos Linux

●     Linux Mint

●     Vim

●     JACK Compiler




●      Member of Cyber Security Club

●      Working knowledge of Cisco products

●      Won two awards for final project in Computer Architecture contest at UTEP

        ○     Best Survival Strategy (Met all requirements with minimal programming.)

        ○     Most Dramatic Bug (Added interesting Tilt screen to my game.)

●      Prepped for CISSP test, and currently training for ethical hacking certification




·    Available upon request  


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