thomas J george



Ticket sales program: This program was designed during the third year of schooling. It was a shopping cart with a graphical user interface, designed to take 3 separate styles of event, draw a layout for each and let users click which seats they want and check out, allowing for bulk discounts and cross-event purchases. I was responsible for making the Graphical user interface for the events and the logic for controlling the shopping cart and active inventory.

Tools used: DrJava.


Tic-Tac-Toe Game: During third year Created a tic-tac-toe interface in PHP, added additional functionality to someone else’s backend Jar with AspectJ, and then created a LUI-based version of the game in Haskell programming language.

Tools used: Notepad++, Eclipse Neon, Hugs(Haskell User´s Gofer System), Apache, and MyPHP.


Designed Vending Machine: During third year created Verilog-HDL for a vending machine with multiple buttons and ability to dispense change.

Tools used: Xilinx ISE, and a Spartan 3E Starter Board.


CISCO ASA Configuration: during the Summer between Sophomore and Junior years of college I practiced CISCO configuration, including factory restores and partitioning Demilitarized zones.

Tools used: Virtualbox and PuTTY.


Linux Server Configuration: During my first Internship, with the El Paso Intelligence Center, I successfully configured multiple types of Servers and Web Apps on a Linux platform.

Tools used: CentOS Linux, Apache Tomcat, Mint Linux, Vim.


.TNY Compression Utility: Year two, in order to finish the associates we had a final project that had to show all our learned skills. My group chose a compression utility. I am responsible for the Graphical User interface and general framework of the program, and handling of the bitstream. Other teammates covered researching existing algorithms to incorporate for compression. Project was once again completed in Java.

Tools Used: DrJava


Choose-Your-Adventure game: Year two, we also required to create a program for a virtual machine programmed on the machine code level with the JACK programming language. The tools used in the project are available on the Nand to Tetris website.

Tools Used: Notepad++, JACK Compiler.


LUI Blackjack: During year one of my studies I focused in my spare time on making a blackjack program that included more complex (at the time) elements such as array lists and collections. Project was completed in DrJava. Game successfully shuffled a deck of cards and offered all needed game mechanics in a line-based user interface.

Tools used: DrJava.